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The SEA Forum is an international platform which aims to carry the spirit of Sustainable Entrepreneurship out into the world of economics and politics. The Forum brings together experts from around the world to discuss current environmental challenges, social trends, and how economic threats can be addressed using sustainable business practices. In a lively debate, the distinguished international experts participating in the SEA Forum discuss the innovative ideas and practical solutions that will positively shape the world of tomorrow, seek to create new mindsets, stimulate further thinking and inspire the use of sustainable business practice at global level.

The SEA Forum aims to combine in-depth theoretical expertise in these fields with ideas for the practical implementation of the concepts involved. Sustainable Entrepreneurship needs to be incorporated into the core business, or DNA, of organisations. Companies orienting their strategies and goals to the key concepts underlying sustainable entrepreneurship can gain clear competitive advantage, profit and innovative strength.

SEA Forum London, 14.08.2014

Topic: “Sustainable Finance and Value Creation – State of the Art and New Perspectives!”


University of Surrey, Surrey, U.K.
RM 3 (72 MS 03)



  • Ron Cambridge
    London Metropolitan University, SEA Endorser
  • Nick Capaldi
    Legendre-Soulé Distinguished Chair in Business Ethics , Loyola University, New Orleans
  • Karen Wendt
    International Expert, Responsible Investment Banking
  • Samuel O. Idowu
    London Metropolitan University, Editor in Chief, Encyclopaedia of CSR
  • Thomas Walker
    International Expert, Integrative Management and CSR
  • Christian Rauscher
    Senior Editor Springer, Journal and Series of CSR


René Schmidpeter
Chair of International Business Ethics and CSR, Cologne Business School (CBS)

Surrey, United Kingdom, 14 August 2014 – The first annual conference on International Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, Ethics and Governance of the Global Governance Institute was opened at the University of Surrey, UK with the 4th SEA Expert Forum on Sustainable Finance and Value Creation moderated by René Schmidpeter, Chair of International Business Ethics and CSR at Cologne Business School (CBS) and a member of the SEA jury. Sitting on the expert panel were Ron Cambridge, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader at London Metropolitan University and a SEA Endorser, Nick Capaldi, Legendre-Soulé Distinguished Chair in Business Ethics at Loyola University New Orleans, Samuel O Idowu, Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University and Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of CSR and a member of the SEA jury, Christian Rauscher, Senior Editor at Springer for the Journal and Series of CSR, Thomas Walker, International Expert for Integrative Management and CSR and Karen Wendt, International Expert for Responsible Investment Banking. 

The 4th SEA Forum, which was intended to bridge the gap between academia and practice, began with discussions on the meaning of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and how businesses and academics can work together to create added value and develop human capital to prepare for the unknown future.  State of the art and new perspectives about commerce and sustainability were developed from a wide variety of international and sectorial perspectives including investment banking, politics, business administration, ethics, global administrative law and entrepreneurial innovation.  Key topics included widening participation and the increase in popularity of the sustainability discussion, the problem with a society based on economic models that do not consider depleting resources and environmental capacity, difficulties involved with implementing CSR in developing or corrupt nations and the need for right of property to foster responsibility. 

The experts discussed the strategic application of global CSR and the implication culture has on whether a legislative or voluntary approach should be taken to advance sustainability initiatives.  A consensus was reached that while there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution to the management of global sustainability issues, there are many broad initiatives based on research, practical cases, diversity, action and community commitment. The SEA Forum was concluded with predictions on the future of CSR around the world and insight on what is required to ensure the continued success of the annual International CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance Conference as well as future SEA expert Forums.   



SEA Forum London, 07.11.2013

Topic: “Sustainable Entrepreneurship – A Challenge Worthwhile?!”

Location: Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, UK





  • Christina Weidinger
    Founder of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award and the SEA Forum; Managing Director of diabla media GmbH; Al Gore Climate Leader, Vienna
  • Samuel O. Idowu
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting, London Metropolitan University, UK and Visiting Professor, University of Finance and Economics China
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Fifka
    Professor for Business Administration and Business Ethics at the University Erlangen-Nuernberg, Visiting Professor for Business and Society, University of Dallas, USA
  • René Schmidpeter
    Head of the Centre for Humane Market Economy; international CSR-expert, Ingolstadt


Thomas Walker, CMC

walk-on Institute for sustainable solutions

On 7 November 2013, experts from a range of different scientific, economic and ecological fields gathered to the Houses of Parliament to witness the SEA Forum London. Baroness Flather, a member of the House of Lords, said: “The SEA Forum is an extraordinary project that will definitely change the way people think regarding business and sustainability.”

Christina Weidinger, SEA founder, was the first on the panel to speak, when she described her vision for the future of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. She showed how the SEA can help create true entrepreneurs with the power to change the global system, and explained how companies can become part of the solution rather than the problem. Panel experts Sam O. Idowu and Mathias Fifka, who regularly lecture on this subject around the world, then summarised the scientific view of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. And last but not least, René Schmidpeter, academic head of the Centre for Humane Market Economy, explained what is required to start thinking ‘out of the box’. He showed how CSR can be combined with business and administration to facilitate the management approach of our time – Sustainable Entrepreneurship.


SEA Forum Boston, 18.10.2013

Topic: “From Knowledge to Change – Is Sustainability Fit for the Future?”

Location: Harvard University Events & Information Center, 1350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138



  • Christina Weidinger
    Founder of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award and the SEA Forum; Author, Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability; Managing Director of diabla media GmbH; Al Gore Climate Leader, Vienna
  • State Senator Marc R. Pacheco (D-Taunton)
    Massachusetts State Senator; Chairman of the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change; Chair, Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture; SEA Ambassador, Boston
  • Jessica Scholl
    Associate of The Partnering Initiative, Munich
  • René Schmidpeter
    Head of the Centre for Humane Market Economy; International CSR expert; Ingolstadt


Josef Mantl: Spokesman of the Sustainable Future Campaign; CEO of JMC; Al Gore Climate Leader, Vienna

On 18 October 2013, the SEA Forum Boston was held as part of a three-day mission to Massachusetts that also included Austrian companies active in the clean technology industry and leading thinkers in higher education. Cambridge Mayoress Henrietta Davis said the following: “The SEA Forum provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the important work being done to promote sustainability both here and abroad.” Marc R. Pacheco, of the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, said: “It is exciting to see the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award make its way across the Atlantic Ocean, and to be welcomed to a State that has achieved international recognition for its investments in energy efficiency and clean energy leadership.”

Massachusetts was a highly appropriate choice as a location for the SEA Forum. The State is a shining example of how the values of the SEA can and must be made real: by cleaning up the environment using sustainable business practices, and ‘greening up’ its bottom line, Massachusetts has succeeded in bolstering the local economy and stimulating job creation. During the SEA Forum, Christina Weidinger, Marc R. Pacheco, René Schmidpeter and Jessica Scholl shared their perspectives on the issues and threats we currently face, including ecological problems and economic challenges. The experts discussed issues such as climate change, and the forward-thinking, cost-effective business methods that could produce sustainable, profitable solutions to those issues. The Mayoress of Cambridge, Henrietta Davis, also spoke about ways of addressing climate change at local level.

Partial list of organisations and individuals participated:
  • Associated Industries of Massachusetts
  • Bridgewater State University.
  • Environmental Entrepreneurs
  • EnerNOC
  • Next Step Living
  • Ambri
  • Harvest Power
  • MassGlobalPartners
  • MassDevelopment
  • Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
  • New England Clean Energy Council
  • Massachusetts Export Center
  • New England District Export Council
  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • Environmental Business Council of New England
  • City of Taunton
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
  • Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Planning and Economic Development Agency
  • Fraunhofer USA
  • Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Charlestown Wind Technology Testing Center
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


SEA Forum European Forum Alpbach 28.08.2013

Topic: „Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Book presentation on the Business Model of the Future“

Location: Hotel Zur Post, Alpbach 184, 6236 Alpbach im Alpbachtal



  • Franz Fischler
    President of the European Forum Alpbach; Head of SEA Jury, Vienna
  • Christina Weidinger
    Founder of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award; Managing Director, diabla media GmbH, Vienna
  • René Schmidpeter
    Head of the Centre for Humane Market Economy, Ingolstadt
  • Liangrong Zu
    Senior Program Officer at the International Training Centre of the ILO - International Labour Organization, Turin
  • Robert B. Rosenfeld
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ICS - Idea Connection Systems Inc., Rochester, NY
  • Marc R Pacheco
    Massachusetts State Senator and Chairman of the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, Boston, MA


Ina Sabitzer, Communications Consultant, Corporate Profiling, Vienna

SEA founder Christina Weidinger, SEA jury president Franz Fischler and CSR expert René Schmidpeter are publishing a new business book that promotes Sustainable Entrepreneurship as the business model of the future. Sustainable take the lead and be an example on this issue.

The last several years have seen the development of an extremely defensive and reactive approach to an innovative and proactive business concept. The term ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ – quite simply put, actions taken by businesses that cause little or no damage to the environment – has increasingly taken root in the business world. Business owners have recognised that they can successfully tackle the greatest challenges of our era using innovative business strategies that create additional benefits for society and for the economy at large. Sustainability as a profitable business model is the only right vision of the future for the editors of the book. Based on numerous theoretical and practical examples, each of the three experts explain the benefits of the concept and show how business owners can gain a competitive advantage with sustainability – when it’s understood and used correctly – and why Europe should take the lead and be an example.

On 28 August the publication was presented at the European Forum Alpbach and is available for sale to the general public since the end of August.

Speaking at the forum were the freshly minted SEA Ambassadors and guest authors Massachusetts State Senator Marc R Pacheco and World Innovation Leader Robert B Rosenfeld along with the international CSR expert Liangrong Zu.