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The SEA spheres of action

Integration & Social Issues

More than ever before, demographic change and global mobility are presenting us with major social challenges. We seek entrepreneurial approaches which contribute to promoting the integration of people from other countries and people with special requirements into our working and economic world. Innovative approaches to finding a solution are particularly necessary in the field of social issues if all members of society are to be offered an equal opportunity to participate in its shared prosperity.

Climate, the Environment & Energy

Climate change, environmental degradation and the savage exploitation of resources continue to be vastly underestimated global problems. We will only be able to bequeath a viable planet to coming generations if we can succeed in generating growth through reasonable and sustainable resource management and curbing CO2 emissions. We seek entrepreneurs who incorporate this mindset into their groundbreaking innovations and concepts, and link their concern for the environment with profitable ideas.

Knowledge & Education

More than ever before, our fragmented society and rapid structural change are demanding that we invest in people as a resource. Education is becoming a crucial factor in every economic sphere. We seek entrepreneurs who use their innovative concepts and solutions to help widen access to education for a broad target audience, promote life-long learning, push forward knowledge transfer, or create educational opportunities in the market which are in harmony with different requirements.

Mobility & Technological Innovations

Mobility is a basic human requirement. But many modes of transport continue to consume too many resources, are still insufficiently tested in reality, or are simply too expensive. That is why we seek entrepreneurs who are moving in new directions with their intelligent business ideas, in order to advance technological innovations and enable greater mobility for the good of all humanity, without endangering the sustainable development of our planet by doing so.

Development & Services

Sustainable development of companies, regions and products is becoming more important all the time. We seek entrepreneurs who are orienting their processes, services and products accordingly. This could be by optimising processes to allow sustainable production, creating platforms promoting the exchange of sustainable products or services, or devising services to provide sustainable projects or companies with financial or organisational support.

Lifestyle & Culture

In the new millennium, people are living more consciously – and consuming with greater consideration. That is having an effect on a wide range of different parts of life, including where we live, our nutrition, fashion, cosmetics and many others. We seek producers employing new procedures or innovative cycles which enable lifestyle and culture with a clear conscience. Entrepreneurs who make cultural diversity and a sustainable lifestyle possible without compelling people to renounce a comfortable standard of living. On the contrary: the very point is to position Sustainable Entrepreneurship as 'sexy' and 'modern'!

Urban & Regional Development

Sustainable urban development can only succeed if it also unites the economic, ecological and social responsibilities of the city or region for current and future residents. That is why we seek new, integrated approaches which do not view social issues and the economy as being mutually exclusive. Instead, entrepreneurs are asked to conceive sustainability as a competitive advantage, and actively use innovative urban and regional planning for the people and companies inhabiting that space.

Health & Medicine

Global population growth, together with increased life expectancy, presents us with very new challenges in medical provision and prevention. Many threatening diseases continue to be present, with the poorest regions of the world being hit particularly hard. We seek entrepreneurs who can find new approaches in order to enable all people to benefit from medical advances and enjoy healthy ageing, through the provision of new medications, education, or preventative treatment.