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Sustainability is a topic that affects us all. Sustainable entrepreneurship is THE topic of today and will have a decisive impact on tomorrow. It is now already apparent that sustainable entrepreneurship will become a guiding principle, a kind of lifestyle. People are placing demands on their private, professional and social environments, and these include very specific expectations that also affect companies.
The actions of sustainable entrepreneurs and organisations are just as future oriented as the core principle of sustainability. This is why the sea is endorsed by renowned experts and organisations.

We would like to express our thanks.

Media partners

Peter Barecz, CEO Forbes (Österreich, Ungarn, Tschechien, Slowakei)

We at Forbes believe that doing the reputable business magazine in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and most recently in Austria, as well as standing for the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Forbes is the right channel to foster the regional dialogue on the topic of sustainability. We are happy to promote SEA project across the region of central Europe and thus help to discover great new stories and ideas that could contribute to better well-being of everyone on this planet.

ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4

ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 is part of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, Austrias leading private TV-enterprises. The ProSiebenSat.1 PULS4( formerly SevenOne Media Austria) runs the operational business of the ProSieben Sat.1 Media AG since 1998 in Austria. As own 100% subsidiary of the ProSiebenSat.1. Pls4, 2003 the ProSieben Austria GmbH was founded. These has a Austrian program window license der Komm Austria. The ProSiebenSat.1 PULS4 is furthermore responsible for the technical distribution of the stations, the viewers marketing for ProSieben Austria, Sat.1 Austria and Kabel Eins Austria, as well as for the media – policies of the Austrian companies branches.

Die Presse

The fact that the Styrian symbol of militant liberalism and discriminating middle classes was founded in 1848, the very year of revolution, fits perfectly with what distinguishes 'Die Presse': unconditional dedication to high quality journalism, the largest network of correspondents among all Austrian media, commitment to tolerance, intellectual openness and internationalism. All of this combined with the most comprehensive reporting on business, culture and politics, the weekend supplement 'Spectrum' as well as the 'Presse am Sonntag'. As one would expect for the 'Die Presse' brand, the spotlight is on high quality content for The news service of the 'Presse' is one of the largest and most innovative in Austria and offers the latest news based on 24h reporting - online and mobile. With more than 300,000 downloads and an average user rating of 4.5 stars, the news app of the 'Presse' is number 1 among Austrian news apps. Every morning from 1am, the ePaper of the 'Presse' makes it possible to leaf through the latest print edition. Moreover, 'Die Presse' is also present in social media like Facebook and offers its readers the familiar edge on quality there too. In 2013 'Die Presse' was voted Austria's top journalism team of the year.


European Commission


#investEU is the Investment plan of the European Commission, aiming at growth and quality jobs within the EU. It is a joint initiative with the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fond. By providing risk guarantees, Enterprises can invest in innovative, sustainable and future-oriented projects. So far, investments have been triggered amounting to 138.3 billion EUR (state of play 12 October 2016). We are a partner for the SE-Award in order to make the plan and the financing possibilities widely known to an audience of high-profile businessmen and multipliers.

European Investment Bank

Greiner Holding AG

The Greiner Group is one of the leading companies in the plastic and foam industry. Diversification, innovation and globalization characterize the success of the Group. Greiner is active in the packaging, furniture and automotive industries, in the medical technology and life science sectors, as well as in profile extrusion.

BFI Wien - Sponsor for the Knowledge & Education category

“Well-trained people are satisfied employees. And satisfied employees are every company’s guarantee for long-term success. We are proud to support Austrian companies and the Austrian economy with the most important resource there is: people who take pleasure in developing further and in learning.” Valerie Höllinger, managing director of BFI Wien.

BFI Wien is the market leader for professional training and further training in Vienna. Its offer comprises more than 4,000 training courses each year for more than 45,000 private customers and businesses.

Federation of Austrian Industries (IV)

The organisation of the IV relies on both voluntary officials and full-time employees. Members of the Federation of Austrian Industries are served by nine independent, regional organisations, the federal organisation and an office located in Brussels. As a lobby, the IV aims to strengthen industry and secure employment. It represents the concerns of its members both in Austria and on the wider European stage. Austrian industry is pioneering in European integration. The Federation of Austrian Industries is therefore strongly oriented towards the agenda of the European Union. It is a member of the Confederation of European Business and social partners, BUSINESSEUROPE.


Chamber of commerce Vienna

We represent the interests of the Viennese companies. As strong voice of the companies, we are committed for a future-oriented and business friendly policy. We promote the economy through a variety of services. The Chamber of Commerce is a modern service provider and provides quick and competent advice, from environmental issues to innovation management. With our know-how, we support Austrian companies. Our educational facilities - WIFI, universities of applied sciences - we help to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic economy.

Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)

The bmvit creates the environment for efficient and intelligent infrastructure from rails to streets, water and air, to telecommunication and technological development, in Austria. Under control of the bmvit are among others the ÖBB, ASFINAG, Federal Agency for Technological Measures Ltd (AustriaTech), Federal Office of Civil Aviation (AustroControl), die Schienen-Control und das Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT, up to 50.5 %).

Particular attention and value to support of junior researches in Austria, is given from the bmvit. Because behind every innovation stands a brilliant mind. As highly developed industrialized country, Austria pioneers in many fields. Through focused investment in science and research it is possible to hold and further expand this status. The support of creative and interested human beings, working in research and development is furthermore a support of Austria as an industrial location.

Pro bono-Partner

World Summit Youth Award (WSYA)

The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is a global contest and a network for young people under the age of 30 who use internet, mobile phones or other digital media to put the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action. It is promoted in all UN member states through the networks of the World Summit Award (WSA) the UN Global Alliance for ICT, other participating UN Organisations and Agencies such as UNESCO and UNIDO, governments and NGOs, youth organisations, and all those committed to making a real difference in the achievement of the MDGs. The WSYA is a follow-up initiative activity of the UN World Summit on Information Society and its action plan towards the year 2015 and organized by the International Center for New Media, a not-for-profit Organization based in Salzburg, Austria.

European Youth Award – Digital Creativity for Social Good!

The European Youth Award (EYA) is a European contest to challenge young people, entrepreneurs & start-ups, that handle social- und ecological problems with the help of digital technologies. The EYA aims to motivate, to achieve the aims of the Council of Europe and the Strategy Europe 2020 and to show the potential of young European, those who find innovative solutions with IT- and mobile technologies for concrete problems.

The winners-event (EYA Festival) is an established platform to exchange knowledge and an approved networking event to build future cooperation’s. This year’s EYA Festival is hosted from the 18 – 21st November 2015 in Graz, Austria.


UEAPME represents the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at EU level by participating in the social dialogue and discussions with EU institutions. UEAPME is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation. As the European SME umbrella organisation, UEAPME incorporates 82 member organisations consisting of national and intersectoral associations. UEAPME represents more than 12 million companies, which employ around 55 million people across Europe.

Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is dedicated to serving the common good. It executes projects in its four core areas of education, business and social affairs, health, and international relations, and strives to promote peaceful coexistence among the world's diverse cultures. Through the example of its civic engagement, it wants to encourage others to support their own communities as well. Founded in 1977 as a registered charity, the Bertelsmann Stiftung is majority shareholder of Bertelsmann AG. Structured as a private operating foundation, it is politically nonpartisan and works independently of Bertelsmann AG.

Motivation by Information: ROSAM.

RCC is the third-largest PR agency, specialising in change processes, strategic communication, and sparring as well as networking. The agency’s owner, Wolfgang Rosam, has more than thirty years’ market experience and has supported many important communications processes for companies like Erste Bank, Vienna Insurance Group, Hofer etc. as well as the Republic of Austria (Austria’s EU entry and the introduction of the Euro).

Wolfgang Rosam on SEA: “Sustainability has never been as important as it is today. No company or organisation can now afford to operate or make strategic decisions without considering the sustainability aspect. That is why we are an enthusiastic supporter of SEA.”