Newsletter 1/2016

Newsletter | January 2016
Newsletter | January 2016
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Dear Reader,

I hope you had a great start into the new year. With new strength, my team and I are working to further develop the SEA this year even more, to collect innovative ideas/projects/companies. We have been able to help some of our submitters from the last year to get their funds and the first investors talks are leading to promising ends. We will be able to present the results within the next months and further.

The submission for the SEA 2016 has already started and we are looking forward to receive again an outrageous number of innovative and sustainable projects from all over the world, that will lead to a better tomorrow. For more information please follow this link: >>> Read more


Our new media partner
We are happy to win "Die Presse" as a new media partner for our initiative.

'Die Presse' with its 300.000 readers per day is one of the most important newspapers in Austria. They stand for unconditional dedication to high quality journalism, the largest network of correspondents among all Austrian media, commitment to tolerance, intellectual openness and internationalism. The news service of the 'Presse' is one of the largest and most innovative in Austria and offers the latest news based on 24h reporting - online and mobile. In 2013 'Die Presse' was voted Austria's top journalism team of the year.

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Some awarded projects of the SEA 2015
Winner in the category “SEA of Excellence 2015”

The Canadian inventor Ann Makosinski used her ability and curiosity to look at some things from a different point of view. That is why she won the "SEA of excellence" Ann Makosinski has developed a flashlight that works solely on body heat. Because often the young people develop ideas that can change the world.

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Winner in the category “Lifestyle & Culture” - Hamwells (Netherlands)

The Hamwells e-shower offers a circulation mode that delivers both intense wellness and big savings. Imagine a shower giving 30 litres a minute, whilst saving up to 90% on water and energy. The circulation mode allows you to cut your water & energy bills with 30%.

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Winner in the category “Health & Medicine” – Wet-green (Germany)

With the new wet-green tanning system based on a purely aqueous olive leaf extract, it has now become possible to dispense entirely the use of conventional tanning chemicals such as chromium salts or glutaraldehyde. The bases of innovative plant-based tanning agents are olive leaves incurred in the Mediterranean in tremendously large quantities during the olive harvest and the subsequent pruning of trees. The wet green GmbH has an efficient, purely aqueous extraction process developed and implemented industrially together with its sister company Plantextrakt GmbH.

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Funding 2016
Current information from the EU funding landscape:

SME Instrument - Horizon 2020:

The aim of the program is to promote innovative projects throughout the entire development cycle - from feasibility studies to prototype to market. Target Group: The „SME Instrument“ of Horizon 2020 supports highly innovative SMEs with high growth and internationalization potential.

    Eligible Projects & Topics 2016 - 2017 - Innovative projects addressing the following topics are eligible for funding:

  • Open Disruptive Innovation
  • Uptake of nanotechnologies advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies
  • Closing the gap from lab to market of Biotechnology SME’s
  • Space research and development
  • Innovation in the healthcare biotechnology sector
  • Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well-Being and Aging Well
  • Stimulation the innovation potentials of SMEs for sustainable and competitive agriculture, forestry, agri-food and bio-based sectors
  • … and so on…

  • Phase 1:
  • Concept an Feasibility
  • About 6 months Project Duration
  • About € 30.000,—Funding
  • Cut-off-Dates 2016: 24/02/2016; 03/05/2016; 07/09/2016; 09/11/2016

  • Phase 2:
  • Demonstration
  • 1-2 years Project Duration

  • up to 70% (€ 0,5-2,5 million) funding
  • Cut-off Dates 2016: 03/02/2016; 14/04/2016; 15/06/2016; 13/10/2016

  • Phase 3:
  • Commercialization
  • non-monetary support

For advice and detailed information our experts from Veigl + Veigl are to your service –
please contact >>>
Event tip
Growth in Transition: Conference 2016 – 22 – 24 February 2016 (Vienna)

Our understanding of the natural constraints of our planet is continually growing and deepening. What prevents us from making changes to our lifestyles and economic activities and especially from placing them on a sustainable footing? Why is no change of direction taking place?

The third international Growth in Transition Conference in Vienna at Europe’s largest university of economics includes panels with inspiring speakers, fascinating breakout sessions tackling different aspects of the Conference theme, participatory conference formats and the opportunity to exchange insights with leading figures from the spheres of politics, science and civil society.

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Recommended reading list
People, Planet and Profit: Socio-Economic Perspectives of CSR

Edited by Samuel O. Idowu, Abubakar S. Kasum and Asli Yüksel Mermod (2014). It is no longer the case that it’s only society which benefits from CSR actions. A corporation actually helps itself when operating sustainably and does well because of its triple bottom line actions. The editors of People, Planet and Profit believe that whilst Corporate Social Responsibility is by now a familiar concept to academics or practitioners, insufficient attention has been paid to the end product of CSR in practice, which they define in terms of social and economic developmental effect.

>>> Read more

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Following the SEA's impressive result in 2015, we are again looking for new sustainable projects and innovative companies. If you want to be a part of this new movement, we look forward to receiving your submission.

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