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Newsletter | June 2014
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Dear Reader,

The ground-breaking success from last year could even been topped this year – more than 320 companies from 65 countries participated and submitted their initiatives, setting a new record for the SEA in 2014.

In the coming weeks a prominent international jury will review the submitted ideas from a variety of sectors and select the most innovative and exciting projects in each of the eight categories. The best project will receive EUR 10,000 in prize money.

On October 7th 2014 the winners of the SEA 2014 will be announced and honoured at a gala event in the Sofiensälen Vienna, thereby sending out a clear signal for sustainability and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and its essential influence on the world of tomorrow.


SEA Endorsers
We warmly welcome two new SEA endorsers, that support our initiative and are giving our children and grandchildren a better, sustainable future!
DI Walter Ruck, President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce
“In addition to a company’s economic interest, the inclusion of social and ecological considerations is not only a moral obligation for entrepreneurs, but also one of the basic principles of any functioning economic system.”

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Werner Schrangl, Managing Director of JOB-WORLD KG and Deputy Chairman of the CSR Dialogue Forum
“Sustainable Entrepreneurship means that in addition to profit maximisation entrepreneurs should also make the solving of social and ecological problems a guiding principle of their innovative business models.”

>>> Read more in the SEA-Interview.
If you would like to become one of the esteemed figures supporting and promoting the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, please contact us at
SEA Recommendations
CSR Dialogform Membership – Join now!
Join now and pay 15 % less for a full CSR Dialogforum membership by registering in June 2014. You enjoy excellent membership benefits such as up to date news on a regular base and free entry to our CSR seminars and conferences. For further information please contact Elvira Pöschko via Code 02062014

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In a global economy, no business or form of commerce is an island unto itself. Rapid and dynamic changes in technology, markets, political and legal institutions, and indeed cultures, have all created new challenges. In such a global context, no scholar, no discipline, no university, no think tank, no NGO, no form of media, can remain an island unto itself. In order to overcome the myopia of limited perspectives, outworn doctrines, tired prior agendas, and vested interests, a new organization has been created: Global Corporate Governance Institute/Corporate Social Responsibility. Our intention is to bring together scholars from many fields along with business/academic/cultural/religious and political leaders to form a global alliance dedicated to rethinking and integrating value issues into management practice, education and development. The two-day conference (14-15 August 2014) will consist of a keynote address, inter-disciplinary plenary sessions, multiple presentation streams, panels, poster sessions, Dissertation advice, and best paper award. The conference will be held at the University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K. We would like the first conference to be as inclusive as possible. As part of the conference, a SEA-Forum will be held too. Further details will be announced soon.

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Brazil, São Paulo: Meet the best in social entrepreneurship and innovative eContent
From Nov 28th - Dec1st, São Paulo will host the 7th WSYA winners festival. During this 3 days event, the winning teams of World Summit Youth Award 2014 will have the chance to meet with their peers, gather valuable contacts and build long-lasting friendships. Bringing together the world’s best social acti-preneurs under 30, this international event designed to be an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

WSYA Winners will have the opportunity to present their approaches to address today’s global challenges and become part of a strong sustainable network of young people who take action on the MDGs with ICT.

Brazil, São Paulo: Meet the best in social entrepreneurship and innovative eContent
The event will feature world-class keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and engaging panel discussions about social entrepreneurship and the content industry. Among the attendees will be leaders of ICT business and governments, high level UN officials, as well as other leading persons from the creative sector, civil society and NGOs. To apply to the WSYA 2014 until July 15th and get a chance to be promoted on a global stage in São Paulo submit your project on and show how Internet and Mobile Technology can make a social impact.

The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate
On June 18th 2014 Al Gore states in the Rolling Stone: “Sometimes it's worth reminding ourselves that the solutions to this climate crisis are right in front us, right here, right now, and I wanted to share this good news with people like you who are fighting for a clean-energy future. Around the world, people like you are fighting the good fight and helping to power a clean-energy future. We’re not giving up, and I strongly believe that we are going to rise to meet this challenge.” The complete article can be read here

Interview Christina Weidinger in Russian Magazine „About Money“ (No 2/2014)
Entrepreneurs should see sustainability as an image-enhancing measure as well as anchoring the issue deep within corporate structures, i.e. the company DNA. This development is gradually gaining a foothold in the world of business. But it is still not yet sufficient. I felt it was time to act – to mobilise other entrepreneurs, bring about a change in thinking and establish a new awareness in the economy. If we see it like this: the 19th century was characterised by the industrial revolution. The 20th century was defined by the technological revolution. And at the start of the 21st century we are faced with the ruins of our irresponsible approach to the planet over the last 200 years. So the 21st century must be defined by a lifestyle revolution, otherwise there will be no 22nd century for our children and children’s children. Entrepreneurs can be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Everyone can make a contribution to leaving a better world behind for our children and grandchildren!
The complete interview (in Russian) can be read here
Interview Christina Weidinger in Russian „Companion Magazine“ (No 3/2014)
For us, the SEA is about more than just ‘sustainability’ – a term which is often used in an inflationary and ambiguous manner. In reality, we are seeking companies which are tackling the problems of our time, engaging with innovative business concepts and in doing so, generating added value for society AND the economy. Therefore the perfect combination of sustainability and economic efficiency. Sustainable Entrepreneurship used as a business model is a driving force for growth, profit and innovation. This is what I want to establish in the economy. This is the future.
The complete interview (in Russian) can be read here
SEA Further Reading
The book "Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability”, edited by Christina Weidinger, founder of the SEA, Franz Fischler president of the European Forum Alpbach and sustainability expert René Schmidpeter, was published recently by Springer Verlag and is now available at bookshops (ISBN: 978-3-642-38752-4).
Price: EUR 87.99 (Austria)

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