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Newsletter |  September 2012
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Is ‘green’ still an appropriate word in this day and age?

The word ‘green’ is currently being used to excess. We’re sick and tired of hearing it. Aren’t you? For me, the word ‘green’ is unsatisfactory. Let’s be honest: everything is ‘green’ these days. There are even ‘green’ investment funds. If we don’t fully understand the great opportunities and the economic and ecological potential contained in this topic, then all we’re doing is deluding ourselves and practising greenwashing, which could lead to a nasty surprise in the future.

That’s why I prefer the term ‘sustainability’. This word encompasses the important nuances that are crucial for sustainable entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial foresight and an understanding of ecological, economic and social responsibility. It also includes satisfying the needs of the society of today as well as safeguarding the prospects of the generations to come.

That is the objective of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, sea for short. We looked for pioneers and found them. 145 submissions from 11 countries, 11 award-winning examples of sustainable entrepreneurship, one remarkable recipient of the sea of Excellence, and more than 270 impressed gala guests – such is the resume of the first Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award. In the first year of its existence the sea already established itself as one of Europe’s leading awards.

Of course we intend to continue this exceptional success. After all, there are still a lot of noteworthy examples of sustainable entrepreneurship, and many innovative companies and committed people out there – and we want to find them. We want to show that sustainability isn’t an empty term and that it shouldn’t be used as a green disguise, but rather be the preserving factor in which our future lies.


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  What people are saying about the sea  
  The sea has long caught the attention of professional circles involved in sustainability and is also well received at an international level. You can find more interviews on our website and Facebook page.  
    Antonio Tajani, vice-president of the European Commission, is impressed by the sea: “In my opinion the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award offers a good opportunity to create greater awareness of the topic of sustainable entrepreneurship. This corresponds with an initiative that was recently launched by the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry.”
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    Claudia Kemfert is an energy economist at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). In an interview she said of the sea: “I think it’s great. The sea honours companies and people who have put sustainability and social responsibility into practice in unique ways. Being able to implement new projects, new ideas and corporate responsibility often means struggling against old models and ways of doing things. Not everyone wants or is able to do this.”
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    Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is a German scientist and politician. His opinion on frontrunners in sustainable entrepreneurship: “In general, the closer to the customer, the more exemplary it is. In the case of foodstuffs and personal hygiene, the top brands cannot afford to have a bad image. The biggest need for catching up is in the financial markets with their ruthless battle for return on capital. This battle makes it almost impossible for entrepreneurs of other sectors to make long-term decisions.”
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  New judges for the sea 2012  
  An award is only as good as its judges. After all, they are the ones who choose the winners. The sea jury consists of exclusive experts who are able to assess the submissions as to their quality, innovative strength and effectiveness, and then ultimately select those companies that will be distinguished. We were able to gain new judges for this important task.
Here you can find out more about all of the sea’s judges.
We would like to present three of them here:
    Bradley Googins is an associate professor at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management (Ret): “There are a number of critical antidotes towards greenwashing. Transparency and accountability are the primary pillars.”
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    Thomas Osburg is director of corporate affairs for Intel Corp in Europe: “For me, sustainable entrepreneurship means combining the creativity and the potential of companies with benefits for society and the environment in the best possible way, to create innovative and sustainable solutions.”
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    Ali Rahimi is vice-chairman of the organisation ‘Wirtschaft für Integration’ (Industry for Integration). Rahimi was born in Tehran and came to Austria as a small child. In 1985 he founded Ali Rahimi, his commercial enterprise, in Graz. Since 1990 he has been managing partner of Rahimi & Rahimi GmbH in Vienna.
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    Furthermore, we would like to congratulate our sea judge Dr Reinhold Lopatka (ÖVP – Austrian People’s Party) on becoming the new state secretary in Austria’s foreign ministry. Lopatka will focus on European policy and is to play a leading role, his fellow party members say. This may mean that EU critics will face strong headwind: Lopatka’s appointment will underline the tremendous significance of the EU for Austria, and he will pull his weight against all “retro politicians”, an official announcement of the ÖVP states. Lopatka has been an active member of the sea jury since 2011. “My reasons for joining were the issue in question – sustainable business as the key to future-oriented growth – and the other people on the panel,” says the politician about his commitment.
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You could be Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

Following the sea’s impressive kickoff in 2011, we are again looking for new sustainable projects and innovative companies. If you want to be a part of this new movement, we look forward to receiving your submission.

You can find more information and the submission form for your ideas and projects here.
The submission deadline is 31 December 2012.

Please visit our website or Facebook page.
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