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Newsletter |  July 2012
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Who will receive the sea of Excellence 2012?

Only those who take the path less travelled and who break down barriers with their thoughts and actions will change the future – and make it better. We are looking for people who think ahead. People whose actions deserve to be put in the spotlight.

Some people are simply extraordinary. They fight for their ideas and convictions. They ask the right questions and present appropriate solutions. They convince others and pave the way to a better tomorrow. In no other field are visionaries and pioneers as vital to the advancement of entire lines of business, of entire social structures even, as they are in the area of sustainability.

And this is why the sea Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award wants to pay tribute to these people. We honour their exceptional efforts with the sea of Excellence, a very special prize awarded by the Club of sustainable entrepreneurs – Verein für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften. It is not possible to apply for the sea of Excellence, and the sea’s panel of judges is also not involved. It is the Club of sustainable entrepreneurs alone that singles out one remarkable individual who has distinguished him- or herself with outstanding achievements.

And we are also taking a new path in this matter: we ask you to submit the names of people who deserve the sea of Excellence. Should your nominee in fact become the next recipient of the sea of Excellence, we would be happy to invite you and one guest to the sea gala on 10 April 2013 as a token of our thanks!

I am looking forward to hearing your recommendation for the personality of the year 2012!

The prize winner of 2011 is living proof that commitment and great ideas have nothing to do with age. The first ever sea of Excellence was awarded to Felix Finkbeiner, a 14-year-old from Germany, for his Plant for the Planet initiative. Despite his age, Felix has already inspired more than 100,000 youngsters in over 100 countries. Together they have a remarkable goal: to plant 1,000 billion trees in order to raise awareness for sustainability in the world and to improve the climate.

That just goes to show that a vision can turn into reality! And people like that, who have an inspiring biography, deserve the sea of Excellence. We want to honour them and are looking for thought leaders who put their money where their mouth is!


  Become Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year 2012!  
  145 international submissions, 11 winning examples for sustainable entrepreneur-ship, an extraordinary winner of the sea of Excellence, more than 270 overwhelmed guests at the gala and great media interest – such is the excellent resume of the first Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award!

But we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. After all, there are still many impressive examples of sustainable entrepreneurship, innovative companies and dedicated people out there. And we are looking for – you!

Make use of this opportunity to present your company and your sustainable business idea to a wider audience! The sea 2012 will be presented on 10 April 2013 in Vienna’s Hofburg Palace. Submissions are being accepted until 31 December 2012. Show us your brilliant idea for sustainable entrepreneurship – and become even more successful together with us!

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    RENEXO® Poland: For a Powerful Green Future

The second edition of the International Trade Fair and Conferences for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency RENEXPO® Poland will take place on October 17-18, 2012 at Expocentre EXPO XXI in Warsaw. This year’s edition will bring up subjects such as biogas, hydropower, biomass, biofuels, heat pumps and solar energy. The aim of this innovative trade meeting is to create, together with decision makers in economic policy, the most important Platform for Renewable Energy in Poland.
  New judges on the sea jury  
  The sea jury boasts a number of leading European experts for sustainable entrepreneurship and has now gained two new prominent, dynamic members. We are pleased to welcome Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva and Dr Brigitte Mohn!

Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva holds the Coca-Cola chair for sustainable development at IEDC – Bled School of Management in Slovenia and Dr Brigitte Mohn is a member of the Bertelsmann Stiftung executive board and also chair of the executive board of the Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe (German Stroke Foundation). As of now, these two ladies are supporting the sea 2012 jury committee. Together with other new members as well as the existing members of the jury, they will select the 11 most innovative submissions, which will be announced on 10 April 2013 at the awards ceremony in Hofburg Palace.
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    Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva, co-author of the successful book Embedded Sustainability: The Next Big Competitive Advantage, is a renowned expert on the topic of sustainability. “Her activities make her a highly experienced and valuable addition to the sea jury,” says head of the jury Dr Franz Fischler on behalf of the jury committee.  
    Dr Brigitte Mohn and the Bertelsmann Stiftung recently announced that they intend to promote sustainable policy. “The sea aims to achieve a convergence of politics, industry and society on the sustainability issue,” says Christina Weidinger, founder of the sea.  
  sea’s categories: 7 areas in which to bring about change
  Ideas can bring about long-term and significant changes to the future. We honour people and companies who have understood that sustainability is more than just being environment friendly. The sea addresses go-getters and thought leaders who know that business success is not at odds with social, ecological and economic commitment.

Many impressive and effective examples of sustainable entrepreneurship have already been established in a variety of sectors. You can submit your projects in the following seven categories:
You could be the
Sustainable Entrepreneur 2012!

Following the sea’s impressive kickoff in 2011, we are again looking for new sustainable projects and innovative companies. If you want to be a part of a new movement, we look forward to receiving your submission.

Submissions are now being accepted
until 31 December 2012.

Please visit our website or our Facebook page.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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Christina Weidinger – Founder of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (sea)
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