Newsletter 11/2012

Newsletter | November 2012
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I am convinced that we are currently experiencing a revolution.

A revolution that is about showing responsibility and acting sustainably. Only by changing the way we think can we create the conditions we so desperately need to be able to leave our children and children’s children a better world! In a manner of speaking, it’s a new intergenerational contract that we are all a part of and need to abide by.

So the time for sustainable entrepreneurship has come. My wish is for the sea to help spread the seeds of this concept, giving it greater strength, recognition and energy.

Become a part of this new movement! We are searching for your projects. We are positive that there are still many more examples of sustainable entrepreneurship, innovative companies and dedicated people from whom we can learn.

Join us in being the consolidating factor for sustainable entrepreneurship. Submit your projects to the sea 2013!

Kind regards

  sea 2013 – deadline for entries is 31 December 2012  
  The deadline for entries for the sea 2013 is 31 December. If you want to take this opportunity to present your project to a wide international audience, you should make use of these last few weeks until the end of the year. Maybe your project will receive the Best Idea prize, or be distinguished as a Best Project with a shot at EUR 10,000 in prize money!

>>> Here you can find more information and the submission form.
  Make use of the Quickcheck for your submission!  
  Do you want to find out whether your project stands a chance of getting one of the sought-after awards at the sea 2013? Then take advantage of our free Quickcheck! All you need to do is send us a short summary of your project. After our experts have reviewed it, you will be notified as to whether it could be worth your while to fill in the submission form.

>>> Click here to go to the Quickcheck.
  The sea categories
  You can enter your project in one of seven categories.

>>> There is a detailed description of the categories here.
  sea 2013: Our Early Birds  
  More than 40 companies took advantage of the Early Bird Bonus by submitting their entry forms for the sea before the end of October. Since the beginning of November their profiles can now be found on the sea website and social media platforms.

If you want to find out who has already entered the sea 2013, please visit our website or Facebook page.
  Raiffeisen Climate Protection Initiative
Sponsor for the Climate, Environment & Energy category

  The sea is pleased to announce a renowned sponsor for the Climate, Environment & Energy category: Raiffeisen Climate Protection Initiative (Raiffeisen Klimaschutz-Initiative – RKI). Andrea Weber, head of sustainability management and managing director of the Raiffeisen Climate Protection Initiative, says of the bank’s very special relationship with the sea: “If Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen were alive today, he would be the epitome of a social entrepreneur.

This is why we, as the RKI, support the sea’s Climate, Environment & Energy category, whose first award winner will be announced in 2013. In doing so, we want to support people who are committed to combining forward-thinking ecological/social ideas with corporate responsibility and to shaping the future in this way.

For the RKI – a platform and prime mover for measures in the areas of sustainability, climate protection, energy efficiency, renewable energies and corporate responsibility for its 24 member organisations – this is of great importance. We see this international award as a good opportunity to help sustainable entrepreneurship take root in people’s minds.”
  Events / Dates  
  22–24 November 2012, Bregenz, Austria

"Projekte der Hoffnung 2012 - Alternative NobelpreisträgerInnen im Gespräch."
(Projects of Hope 2012 – Talking with alternative Nobel prize winners)

>>> Find out more about this event.
  1 December 2012, Munich, Germany

"Dr. Auma Obama im Gespräch mit …"
(Dr Auma Obama talks to …)

>>> Find out more about this event.
  10 December 2012, Graz, Austria

"Geplante Obsoleszenz: Wie gewonnen, so zu Müll zerronnen"
(Planned obsolescence: Easy come, easy go to waste)

>>> Find out more about this event.
  12 December 2012, Wien, Österreich

"Festveranstaltung Rio+20” (Celebration event Rio+20) - ORF RadioCafé"

>>> Find out more about this event.
  sea partners  
  Mission Hoffnung

The good old schilling, leftovers from former EU currencies and the many ‘holiday souvenirs’ that just weren’t worth exchanging back ¬– these relics of days past deserve more than to just lie around in the back of a drawer. The non-profit organisation Mission Hoffnung collects schillings and all other currencies in cooperation with POST and BAWAG PSK.

The initiative brings the money to the respective issue banks, converts it and uses it to give impoverished children some hope back. As of October, you can hand in your ‘finds’ in all post offices and branches of BAWAG PSK. The sea endorses this special project that benefits children all over the world.

>>> More information.

Ever since its beginnings, INNOVATIONSMANAGER, a magazine for innovation culture and sustainable business success, has been a partner of the sea. INNOVATIONSMANAGER magazine is a central journalistic platform for companies of all sizes and in all sectors, for researchers in many fields and, last but not least, for organisations and students concerned with issues such as innovation, innovation management and innovation culture. INNOVATIONSMANAGER brings together cutting-edge findings and research in highly competent and practically oriented articles, and promotes the contact and communication between the various protagonists in the vast field of innovation culture.

>>> More information, sample issues and subscriptions are available here.
You could be Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

Following the sea’s impressive kickoff in 2012, we are again looking for new sustainable projects and innovative companies. If you want to be a part of this new movement, we look forward to receiving your submission.

You can find more information and the submission form for your ideas and projects here.
The submission deadline is 31 December 2012.

Please visit our website or Facebook page.
Club of sustainable entrepreneurs – Verein für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften
Christina Weidinger – Founder of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (sea)
Karlsplatz 1/17  |  1010 Vienna  |  Austria