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Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Presentation of the new business book in Alpbach

Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is a modern business concept that could become one of the most renowned strategic management approaches of our time. Of this Christina Weidinger, the founder of the SEA, Franz Fischler, the president of the European Forum Alpbach and SEA jury chairman, and the CSR expert René Schmidpeter are absolutely convinced. With their new book, which will be presented in Alpbach, the authors want to trigger an international debate on this topic and reposition sustainability in economy and society.

In the past few years, the very defensive-reactive CSR approach has developed into a proactive and innovative business concept. The concept of Sustainable Entrepreneurship has increasingly gained a foothold in the business world. Entrepreneurs have realised that it is possible to solve the biggest challenges of our time while at the same time finding business strategies that create added value for society and the economy. Sustainability is a win-win business model – it is the future!

In their publication “Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability”, the authors take a new look at the topic of sustainability. With the help of a great number of theoretical and practical examples, they explain the added value and benefit of this concept and show how entrepreneurs can secure a clear competitive advantage in the market through sustainability – if understood and implemented properly – and explain why Europe should be a role model and leader with regard to this topic.