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SEA-Ambassadors carry the idea across the pond

Marc R. PachecoUS Senator Marc R Pacheco
Robert B. RosenfeldAdviser to the White House Robert B Rosenfeld

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the management concept of the future. The SEA is a platform that aims to establish this success model internationally and to support entrepreneurs around the world who put it into practice. The SEA is proactively supported by distinguished international personalities and the first official SEA ambassadors are two strong voices from the US who will spread the SEA message on an international level.

US Senator Marc R Pacheco and the international innovation leader and adviser to the White House Robert B Rosenfeld are important champions of sustainable entrepreneurship, not only in the US, but also internationally. In the past few years Senator Pacheco has achieved great things in Massachusetts, the number one US state in terms of energy efficiency and one of the leading states with regard to sustainability. He is passionate about this topic and greatly in favour of a stronger connection with Europe. Robert B Rosenfeld, the founder of the Idea Connection System Inc., has devoted himself to the idea of helping organisations around the world to further and develop their innovation potential for the past 40 years. He is one of the innovation leaders of the world and an important adviser to President Barack Obama.

Together, the two internationally well-connected Americans aim to draw greater attention to the SEA and to Sustainable Entrepreneurship throughout the world. “I am personally very honoured and humbled. As a SEA-Ambassador, I am trying to invest as much time as possible in helping to reach great goals as well as I can,” stresses Marc R Pacheco. He wants to give the SEA a strong voice, make the platform better known and further the exchange between European and American entrepreneurs. Both of these gentlemen see the SEA as a platform to bring Europe and America closer together and to give the topic a larger international stage.

“I am very proud and happy to have been able to win over Marc R Pacheco and Bob Rosenfeld, who are not only renowned international figures, but above all exceptionally dedicated people,” raves SEA founder Christina Weidinger. In order to support her ambassadors and to intensify the connections with America, she is currently planning a visit to the US, which will naturally be committed solely to the cause of the SEA.