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Training with Nobel laureate Al Gore in Istanbul

Christina Weidinger und Al Gore

For years the former US vice-president and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore has been involved in climate protection and sustainable solutions for the environment and the economy. He passes his knowledge on to exclusively selected opinion leaders the world over through his international initiative, the Climate Reality Project. This year one of the participants he selected to be trained as a Climate Leader at a training session in Istanbul was SEA founder Christina Weidinger, who now belongs to the small group of European ambassadors for Al Gore’s initiative.


“I am very proud to be a part of this global movement,” says SEA founder and fledgling Climate Leader Christina Weidinger. At the four-day training session in Istanbul Al Gore shared personal tips and information from his years of experience and prepared her for her future activities.

Meeting the Nobel laureate in person was a very special, unforgettable experience for Christina Weidinger. “For me, Al Gore is the spearhead for worldwide climate protection and a great role model. Being chosen and trained by him personally is a huge honour,” says the successful businesswoman, who was impressed by the training session in Istanbul. She sees her encounter with Al Gore and the many useful tips and first-hand information she received as a great gain and an educational experience that will be of great use in her daily tasks.

At the training sessions all of Al Gore’s Climate Leaders are given a clear mandate: to be strong ambassadors for his initiative and to actively raise awareness by means of presentations and appearances within their networks. “Committed people should make a significant contribution to a more sustainable future on a national and international level through their words and deeds,” says Al Gore, underlining the importance of his Climate Leaders. Christina Weidinger takes this mission very seriously. “Being an ambassador for Al Gore’s initiative is both an honour and a duty. I am very aware of my responsibility to make sure that sustainability continues to gain the position in business and society that it deserves,” Weidinger stresses. “It is vital to make entrepreneurs aware of the reality of climate change, in particular, and of the need to act NOW and the fact that everyone can do their bit.” She sees this training as another important step towards intensifying Austrian-American relations and the engagement for more sustainability.