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Information about Vienna’s Hofburg Palace:

For several centuries, Hofburg Palace formed the centre of the Habsburg Empire. Three museum attractions afford historically accurate insights into the traditions and everyday life at court: the authentically furnished Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Silver Collection, a comprehensive collection of Imperial utilitarian objects. With around 600,000 visitors each year, these museums are among the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. Until 1918 the extensive palatial complex at the heart of Vienna was the political centre of the monarchy. Today it fulfils the same role for the democratic Republic of Austria. The rooms where once Emperor Joseph II drew up his revolutionary programme of reforms, where the Congress of Vienna met and danced, and where Emperor Franz Joseph held audiences, now house the offices of the Federal President, the ministers of the chancellor's office and the secretaries of state. Furthermore, a number of cultural institutions – from the Spanish Riding School to the Austrian National Library – are housed in this sprawling, asymmetrical complex of buildings with 19 courtyards and 18 wings.
Information about the ceremony hall:

The former Habsburg throne room has a majestic beauty. Napoleon came here to court the Emperor’s daughter Marie Louise. 26 double-tier crystal chandeliers provide the lighting at festive gala banquets, lavish balls and prestigious conferences, and 24 stucco lustro Corinthian columns flank the hall.