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Interview SEA 2015 - South Pole Group – “Climate Credit Card”

What was your motivation?

Climate protection is a global challenge which concerns everybody to us. We think in the fact that the problem of the human influence on the global warming can be solved by the definition of an effective incentive system about market mechanisms. If economic incentive exists, offer and inquiry can climate serve in the teamwork for an improvement of footprint of enterprise and organisations contribute. Here we see huge commercial potentials. We think that chances come up for those organisations who react early to the climatic changes and develop on it co-ordinated commercial models. As a company we wanted to show that important impulses can go out to the climate protection from the private sector. We must take over as active members of the society even responsibility and cannot wait for the fact that the policy does something. Hence, south pole group is a supplier of solutions and services in the lastingness area. We exert ourselves for an actual climate protection by reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

How did you come on this idea?

Behind south poles stands an eager team of more than 100 engaged climate professionals from 22 different countries and from 6 continents. The idea for the foundation of an organisation in the area of Climate protection came Renat Heuberger and his colleague by the planning of the visit of the annual meeting of "Alliance for Global Sustainability" in Costa Rica in 2002. First launched the founders of south pole – all the environmental engineers who were trained at the Swiss technical university in Zurich – the Myclimate endowment. When this operated after few years already successfully, the founders wanted to orientate themselves free-enterprise and put up more professionally. From it there originated the enterprise south pole group which operates today successfully in the market.

Which time period passed between idea and conversion?

The founders of south pole distinguish themselves by high dynamism and agility. The early recognition of social and economic trends and potentials and the adjustment and coordination of the enterprise activities are a returning factor of the company history. From there the time period was relatively short between the first idea and their conversion – we talk here from few months, weeks.

How many years is there your enterprise already?

There is the enterprise south pole group since 2006. We are meanwhile nine years in the market.

5. What is your personal aim?

My aim is, with my activity with south pole group for the reaching of the 2-degree aim to contribute so of the limitation of the global warming on less than two degrees compared with the level before the beginning of the industrialisation. At personal plain I try to hold my own issues so slightly as possible, by diminished meat consumption, the abolition of a car, less flights and an adequate, not oversized flat. I compensate for the issues resulting still then about south poles group's "climate credit card", the worldwide first credit card which compensates for all greenhouse gas emissions released by credit card transactions automatically and for me free of charge.

6. Where do you see your enterprise in three years?

The growth the south pole group will dynamically go on. To us it is important to be able to offer a comprehensive consultation and care to our customers. Besides, we would like to take over more and more the role of the competent interlocutor for all areas of the conversion of the lastingness strategies of our customers. We will stand even stronger worldwide. About our project offices we are already represented in numerous developing countries on all continents. We will straighten our own organisation and added value even stronger worldwide. Our customers also profit from the efficiency

How much has your enterprise grown during the last years?

The enterprise has grown during the last years very strongly. Already during the study in the ETH the founders had recognised the emergency agility of the development of projects for the reduction of hothouse gases all around south pole group CEO Renat Heuberger. About the years the suitable capacities, together with the development of the necessary standards, successive ones were developed. From traditional role as a project developer the enterprise has strongly diversified outgoing itself during the last years. Today south pole group presents himself as a worldwide supplier of lastingness solutions for private-economic enterprises and public organisations. We are active in areas relevant for our customers "climate protection", „forest and land use“, "water", „sustained towns and constructions“, as well as „renewable energy and energy efficiency“. Profits realised thereby, as well as the market nearness of course. To the optimum market cover in these areas we have built up a global team of specialists, as well as a network from partner organisations, NGO's and prestigious customers. In spite of the partly demanding situation at the worldwide issue markets CO2 we could develop our market position continuously and consolidate. Besides, it is enormously important to us that we could hold our team also during difficult years. Today we profit from the experience and the specialist knowledge of our employees which is of benefit for our customers very much.

The following identification numbers, would be also extremely interesting for our target group:

Turnover(Sales) in 2014: 12.4 million EUR
Influence: Since 2006 we have measured the influence of countless companies and products on the climate worldwide. We have checked investments at the rate of more than 30 billion USD on their climatic effects and have developed more than 270 projects in the areas renewable energy, forest shaft and agriculture, industry and households. Thanks to our work 50 million tonnes CO2 could be saved, this are more than the annual emissions of Switzerland. We have allowed the production of 35'000 GWh of renewable energy (more than the annual power consumption of Denmark) and more than 6 billion USD for investments in clean energy in developing countries mobilised. All together our projects have to do in addition contributed, nearly 20'000 jobs in developing countries.

Information about the person:

Dr. Thomas Schröder is Director marketing & Communications of south pole group. Before it he launched mway, an electric mobility specialist supplier of the Migros group – to the biggest Swiss trading venture. He conferred a doctorate in the area of Marketing and trade in the University on St. Gallen in Switzerland.