Sustainable Entrepreneurship - THE Business Model of the Future!

We want to use the SEA, the first international award honouring sustainable business practice, and the annual SEA Gala, to reposition the concept of sustainability – as a lifestyle revolution. This idea is now supported by numerous high-carat personalities from around the world.

We want to establish the theme of Sustainable Entrepreneurship as THE profitable business model of the future, and highlight the fact that – when used correctly – sustainability is an engine of growth, innovation and economic stability. The numerous innovative projects of our SEA winners from around the world demonstrate impressively how this works.


Creating a new consciousness and positioning Sustainable Entrepreneurship as a future model of successful business practice is also the theme of our new book, "Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability", which I am publishing in August together with the President of the European Forum Alpbach, Dr. Franz Fischler, and the CSR expert René Schmidpeter. This is an extensive standard work containing a vast range of practical tips and guest contributions from high-carat personalities from around the world. The book is destined to trigger an international debate, and anchor one thought above all others in the minds of those who read it: "Sustainability is in our hands!"