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Newsletter | May 2015
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Submit now and get the chance to win an award or find an investor!

From today onwards, we are searching for people and companies who are shaping the world of today and tomorrow with their innovative, sustainable and profitable ideas and projects. In November 2015 the winners will be announced and honored at a gala event in Vienna, thereby sending out a clear signal for sustainability and sustainable entrepreneurship and its essential influence on the world of tomorrow.

We are happy to announce that in addition to the awards and the prize money of 10,000 euros our submitters have the chance to find investors for their projects. Hence, together with the Frankfurt School Financial Services ltd we are launching a special "SEA fund" with an aimed volume of 30 – 50 million euros. From this, the most promising entries with capital requirements of more than 500,000 euros will be funded in the future.

Moreover, for projects with capital requirements of less than 500,000 euros we build up an own platform to the specific amalgamation with investors.

Innovative and sustainable entrepreneurs can from today onwards use the free short submission. Submissions for this year are being accepted until August 2015.

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future4you GmbH
the new company to finance & support sustainable entrepreneurs in Europe

Within the last months the future4you GmbH was founded. The new company is the organization of all activities around my efforts to support innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship. Based on the experienced team of SEA is to offer a completely independent company, which significantly expands its portfolio in the future around the SEA and thus a comprehensive program of targeted measures:

SEA: Developing the International award for innovative, sustainable and profitable business ideas/projects/companies.

Interface: Establishing a linking tool between investors and SEA submissions.

Financing: SEA submissions by the SEA fund or other investors and thus targeted promotion of the economy in Europe

Consulting: Financing, marketing/communication, implementation and development of the new SE products and business divisions We are also planning some other interesting actions like a sustainable entrepreneurship academy for students or a sustainability fair around the SEA gala.

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SEA Endorsers
Our new SEA endorsers

We warmly welcome two new SEA Endorsers that support our initiative and are giving our children and grandchildren a better, sustainable future!
Mag. Harald Stockinger
Owner of the Notariatskanzlei Mag. Harald Stockinger

“To me environment protection is already for many years a big request. I would want, that my children grow up in a nice and worth living world like me.”

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Dr. Thomas Greigeritsch
Head of Sustainability of the Constantia Flexibles International GmbH

SEA achieves extraordinary work so as to push ideas to the public and stimulates new ideas on this path. Supporting this Image is only a corollary and a possibility to have a share in sustainable evolution.

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Interesting SEA projects of the past
SEA of Excellence 2014 Boyan Slat is the youngest winner of the UN environmental accolade
Boyan Slat received last year the award “SEA of Excellence 2014”. Boyan Slat, founder of the innovative initiative “The Ocean Cleanup” announced as winner of the UN’s top environmental accolade, the Champion of the Earth award. The Inspiration and Action award, which has been won in previous years by Brian McClendon of Google Earth and Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food, was awarded to Boyan Slat for his inspirational efforts to mobilize support to rid the ocean of marine litter. We congratulate Boyan Slat to receive this fantastic award.

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DUS architects
The architects of DUS make unique architecture with a global attitude. This is especially shown in their most recent project: the 3D Print Canal House, in which a whole canal house is being 3D printed in order to research how digital fabrication techniques can revolutionise the building industry and lead to new, tailor-made housing solutions worldwide.

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South Pole Group – “Climate Credit Card”
Climate protection is a global challenge which concerns everybody to us. We think in the fact that the problem of the human influence on the global warming can be solved by the definition of an effective incentive system about market mechanisms. If economic incentive exists, offer and inquiry can climate serve in the teamwork for an improvement of footprint of enterprise and organisations contribute. Here we see huge commercial potentials.

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Net-Works enables local residents to collect discarded nets, which wreak havoc with the marine ecosystem, and sell them back into a global supply chain – giving those destructive, broken nets a second life as beautiful and long-lasting carpet tile. The product of an unlikely partnership, the Net-Works programme is proof that when business, conservation, and communities innovate together, we can create positive, sustainable change.

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Recommended reading list
Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance
The book edited by Samuel O. Idowu and René Schmidpeter, jury members of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, was published recently by Springer Verlag and is now available at bookshops. This book is a concise and authoritative reference work and dictionary in the field of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, business ethics and corporate governance. It provides reliable definitions to more than 600 terms and concepts for researchers and professionals alike.

ISBN: 978-319-10535-2
Price: EUR 181.89 (Austria)

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SEA gala 2015
For further information regarding tables and tickets for the SEA gala in November 2015 in Vienna, please contact


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