Newsletter 10/2015

Newsletter | October 2015
Newsletter | October 2015
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Dear Reader,

The highlight of our innovation & sustainability activities of the year 2015 is coming closer. I am looking forward to present the winners of the SEA 2015 on November 12th at the big SEA gala in the Sofiensäle Vienna. For the first time we are organizing an Innovation Convention around the gala event. Selected start-ups get the chance to present their products or services to potential investors, interested people and the guests of the gala. This side event starts at 05:00 pm and ends with the beginning of the gala at 07:00 pm in the same location. The convention will be one of the checkpoints for our efforts to support innovative & sustainable entrepreneurs.

Interested investors and other persons can register themselves for this convention until the 6th of November – please contact


Funding 2016
News from the EU-funding –programs - focus research and innovation:

The new bidding round in the European research program and innovation programme has begun - the first calls are already opened, other ones open constantly … The work plan in 2016/17 intends a wide range of announcements and other measures which offer funding possibilities in nearly 600 subject areas. All together over 16 billion euros should be invested during the coming two years in research and innovation. Our funding experts of Veigl + Veigl are available to you, for consultation and detailed information about aid programs and funding criteria – please turn to

Roland Berger Start-up Study
Roland Berger's new study, "Can European start-ups crack the code? How to realize the old continent's digital vision", epitomizes the mind-set of the start-up world.
  • The European digital start-up landscape is now far more mature than ever before
  • USD 110 billion is the cumulative value of all large European start-ups
  • 86% increase in finance achieved over the first six months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014
  • Non-EU private equity managers invested 6 billion euros in European businesses between 2010 and 2014
  • No better time for start-ups to break free from the US role model and establish themselves
  • Roland Berger vision draws on Europe's inherent strengths: industrial expertise, diversity and internationalization
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Interesting SEA projects of the past
Greening the Caribbean, St. Lucia

“Greening the Caribbean” is working to ensure the ecological sustainability and natural beauty of the Caribbean, one island after another. The first island to be “greened” following environmental crises is St. Lucia. The services include the development of recycling programs, waste management solutions for tourism and the commercial sector, and training for personnel – everything that belongs to everyday environmental damage will be critically analyzed and reorganized. This includes industrial materials being taken away from the rubbish tip and added to the value creation chain. The goals throughout include minimizing environmental pollution and reducing the risks of environment-related diseases. “Greening the Caribbean” is the perfect example of how we can do something good for the environment and be profitable at the same time.

Polycular (project name: ÖkoGotschi), Austria

ÖkoGotschi is a location-based augmented reality computer game about sustainability and ecology. Abstract information on the topic of ecology and sustainability is easily explained and conveyed in an entertaining way. The aim is to fully exploit the potential of computer games to spread knowledge and achieve a valuable purpose. ÖkoGotschi is a form of sustainability Tamagotchi that accompanies its users on their mobile phones and allows 8- to 16-year-olds in particular to take a critical look at our lifestyle. As the young people of today are the decision makers of tomorrow, the innovative computer game could make a major contribution towards getting young people to change the way they think.

Event tip
7th European Innovation Summit

The 7th European Innovation Summit (7th EIS) is Knowledge4Innovation's annual flagship event taking place from 7th – 10th December 2015 in the European Parliament in Brussels. The 7th EIS is taking place under the framework of the K4I Forum of the European Parliament which includes more than 30 MEPs.

The Forum is chaired by Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP. Other members include Jerzy Buzek MEP, Vice-Chair, Chair of the ITRE Committee and former President of the European Parliament and Vicky Ford MEP, Chair of the IMCO Committee. The 7th EIS will bring together more than 1000 innovation stakeholders from Europe.


Thursday, 19th November 2015
The forum „innovation – sustainability – Entrepreneur-hip“ presents the results of the two-year-old research project for the first time and discusses these results with stated experts from economy, politics and science. In different workshops the tension between producer and costumer concerning sustainability will be examined. Essential stakeholders are invited to bring their know-how and expertise into this project and at the same time profit from new scientific knowledge.

Participation is free, please register yourself under the following address:
Frank Wenzel, Projektmanagement EU-InnovatE >>>

Recommended reading list
If You Really Want to Change the World: A Guide to Creating, Building, and Sustaining Breakthrough Ventures

Silicon Valley’s latest trend for creating new ventures is based on trial and error: test market needs with new product concepts and a minimum amount of capital, expect that the product may not meet the market need, so fail fast and try another product with the hope that a product-market fit will eventually emerge. But this fail fast, step-and-pivot philosophy is like taking a random walk in the forest without a compass. If You Really Want to Change the World is about helping entrepreneurs find true north.

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Following the SEA's impressive result in 2015, we are again looking for new sustainable projects and innovative companies. If you want to be a part of this new movement, we look forward to receiving your submission.

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