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Newsletter | July 2013
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Dear Reader

Although it’s several weeks since the grand SEA gala (we put together the best images of the event in our new highlight clip), an atmosphere of new beginnings is prevalent in the rapidly growing SEA community. The international feedback we received from the entrepreneurs as well as from our media and cooperation partners shows that we indeed succeeded in setting new standards beyond the borders of Austria and in repositioning sustainability as a lifestyle revolution. Of course we will continue to pursue this goal with all our might.

In these past few weeks we have again taken a big step forward. We are proud and delighted to have gained official SEA-Ambassadors for our initiative, in addition to the many distinguished personalities who already support the SEA. US State Senator Marc R Pacheco of Massachusetts and adviser to the White House and world innovation leader Robert B Rosenfeld are our new strong voices in the USA who will carry our message and vision into the world. I am convinced that it is vitally important to have a more intensive collaboration and exchange with the USA.

I received confirmation of this in June at a very special meeting with the former US vice-president and Nobel laureate Al Gore. I was privileged to be among the few Europeans chosen to be trained by him to be “Climate Leaders”, i.e. ambassadors for his initiative in Europe, at a four-day training session in Istanbul. An unforgettable experience and a great gain, and both an honour and a duty: namely, to continue promoting sustainability and climate protection on an international level with unwavering commitment.

Our new book, which Franz Fischler, CSR expert René Schmidpeter and I have been working on intensively over the past few months, will also stimulate the international debate about Sustainable Entrepreneurship. In just a few weeks, on 28 August, “Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability” will be presented to the public for the first time at the European Forum Alpbach. We are very proud that our book also includes contributions from such renowned guest authors as EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, UN Peace Ambassador Jane Goodall, Club of Rome President Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and many more. I can hardly wait to hold the book in my own two hands.

So, exciting weeks are ahead and, of course, we will keep you posted.


  Training with Nobel laureate Al Gore in Istanbul
Al Gore, former US vice-president and Nobel Prize winner, is regarded as the spearhead for climate protection and sustainability. He personally trained Christina Weidinger, the founder of the SEA, to be a so-called Climate Leader at a four-day Climate Reality Project training session in Istanbul. She is now one of the few European ambassadors for Al Gore’s Initiative.

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  SEA-Ambassadors carry the idea across the pond

Marc R Pacheco
US State Senator

Robert B Rosenfeld
World Innovation Leader / Adviser to the White House
In addition to the many distinguished personalities who already support the SEA, the initiative has now gained its first official ambassadors, who will lend their voice to the idea. In future US State Senator Marc R Pacheco of Massachusetts and adviser to the White House and world innovation leader Robert B Rosenfeld will carry the SEA message into the world – and particularly to the USA – thereby promoting the exchange of information between Austria and America.

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Presentation of the new business book in Alpbach
“Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Business Success through Sustainability” is the title of the new book co-authored by SEA founder Christina Weidinger, SEA jury chairman Franz Fischler and CSR expert René Schmidpeter. On 28 August the publication with guest contributions from illustrious international personalities will be presented at the European Forum in Alpbach. The comprehensive volume, filled with theoretical and practical examples, promotes Sustainable Entrepreneurship as the business model of the future.

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A review – SEA gala highlight video

Refresh your memories of this special evening and relive the best moments of this year’s SEA gala in our highlight video.

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